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[Game Update] August 12

Posted12 / 08 / 2018

[UPDATE] 27/06/2018

   ! Moss Zenny Exchange Per Item has been rolled back to original cost 1,000,000 zenny
   ! Added Talisman of Luck 1%/Talisman of Chaos Assembly/Element talisman of Luck (1%) From Zenny Item Exchange
   ! Enabled Jewel Bless/Soul Moss Item Exchange ( 1 jewel per Exchange )
   ! Added ToL/ToC/E.ToL/E.ToC From Jewel Item Exchange 
   ! Improved core magriffy Drops, added Random Errtels / AA Weapons
   ! Removed Ruud Tokens from Priest James
   ! Added more Spots in Deep Dungeon 2,3,4,5 & Swamp of Darkness
   ! Fixed Ruud Bug
   ! Removed Ruud Tokens From Priest James
   ! Roll Back Bugged Rudds

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Posted26 / 06 / 2018

[UPDATE] 17/06/2018


[]  Update 17.06.2018
   ! Fixed runny stones mix issue
   ! Fixed multi mixes issues
   ! Fixed Dark Raven last damage issue
   ! Fixed static regular exp rate applied for master character
   ! Fixed Archangel Weapon upgrade issue
   ! Fixed defense success rate calc invalid parameter type causing improper display in C window
   ! Talisman of ChaosAssembly / Talisman of Luck / Elemental Of ChaosAssembly / Elemental Of Luck Can now Be traded/Store
   ! Fixed Players bugs Reported 
   ! Improved Box Of Miracle Exchange Shop (Moss) (Exc/Luck/Skill/Option) pulling rate
   ↑ Increased Box Of MIracle Exchange Shop Single Purchase Price to 20mil Zenny
   + Added Jewel of Bless/Soul in Box Of Miracle Exchange Shop (moss)
   RUn Launcher to Receive the Latest Update...


Posted17 / 06 / 2018

[Global News]

Global Updates : 

[!] Fixed monsters may disappear in certain scenario
[!] Fixed Dark Raven mount issues
[!] Fixed DC in specified scenario after Chaos Castle event start
[!] Fixed item repair issue
[!] Blocked ability of mysterious stone use on Awakening items
[!] Fixed triple damage display in C window
[!] Fixed multiple runny stone creation issues

[Server] NoRES Updates : 

[!] Fixed aGL Elemental Dmg
[!] Debuff Blood Howling Skill 
[!] Fixed Skill Range Bug
[!] Minor Improvements

[Server] x5000 Updates : 

[!] Incresed Wcoin Reward from 3500 to 5000 Wcoins
[!] Increase Donation Wc Packages
[!] Added Sponsor Pack Donation Page (Under-Construction)
[!] Minor Improvements

[Server] PBE Released : 

[!] xShop items 0 Wc Cost
[!] Loaded NoRES Settings
[!] 4th Wing Added Into NPC Potion Army Girl

Posted27 / 05 / 2018

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